December 2017 Island Trip – Synopsis

My husband and I made a fast trip to the Island the day after Christmas. We:

  • Gazed in wonder at the newly painted ceiling, repeatedly.
  • Had the water heater tech come out and fix a leak, and then marveled at the endless supply of hot water. I’ve been working on this house for a year now and this is the first time it’s had reliable hot water. 
  • McGivered the kick plate back onto the 40ish year old fridge.
  • Installed a new track light into the entrance area of the house, and
  • Replaced the track lights in the dining area with modern LED cans that actually emit light.
  • Decided what tile to use for the fireplace surround.
  • Met with the Amazing neighbor to go over the work he’s done, and figure out why the washing machine is still backing up into the shower despite the grey water drain field extension. 
  • Took measurements that’ll enable me to design a replacement deck on the south side of the house. 
  • Cleared everything out of the dark room that I know can be recycled or thrown away. 
  • Brought home my dad’s light table to make going through negatives easier, when that time comes.
  • Took a walk with the ladies.
  • Visited with three neighbors.
  • Had a wonderful visit with Tim and Cindy who where up for the holidays.

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