New Years Eve 2017

Mom’s AL community put on another great party on New Year’s Eve. The menu was Lobster Thermador, Beef Wellington and mashers, which mom enjoyed. There was a fantastic choice of deserts, including a chocolate fondue. The band, including a six-piece brass section, played old standards. The GM was dealing black jack, and photos were taken in front of a festive “2018” backdrop. The theme was James Bond. My husband wore his Armani, and his best Scottish burr.

While listening to the band, before we went into dinner, mom exclaimed that she ‘did not understand why they (the band) were so amplified.’ I explained that the instruments weren’t amplified, just the singer, or we wouldn’t be able to hear him. She acquiesced to my explanation. Once seated for dinner, neither of us could get mom to engage in conversation, so my husband found James Bond jokes onhis phone. Most of them were racy… Mom is no prude. My husband censored mildly. Mom loved the jokes.

After dinner we rejoined the party. The “Ball Drop” was scheduled for 8PM local time. Evidently last year’s Ball Drop was hastily rescheduled for 7:30PM, after most of the residents bailed on the festivities at 7:15PM! Mom was perturbed when the 8 O’clock hour came and went, due to the band still playing. We tried to sooth the Time Police in her by saying how wonderful the current song was. This was barely successful. When the balloons dropped, mom seemed relieved somehow. Shortly thereafter we said our good nights, and headed home.

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