Eye Doc

Everything went really well at the ophthalmologist’s, AND they were able to do the laser procedure. We were in and out in an hour and mom reports her vision is cleared up. Welcome to the new century!

Mom called me two more times before I picked her up. She also thought her cataract surgery had happened in the 60’s, and has completely forgotten about Friday’s appointment with Dr O, which was evidenced when she asked me, “When was my last physical?” She didn’t believe me when I told her. She thinks she’s as tall as I am, which she’s never been, but that’s alright. She also asked me how old she was… When I said, “82.” She said, “84? Wow.” I corrected her, saying when one fibbed about one’s age, you’re supposed to lie about it in a backwards direction. She thought this was very funny. I said, “Tell people you’re 65!”

We had lunch out again. She was more talkative, but about usual things: The restaurant was cold, they were taking too long etc. She really enjoyed the meal (better sushi than Friday!). As I dropped her off at the AL community, she said, “I want to talk about what’s next, soon.” I said, “OK.” and headed out. We have a follow up in two weeks. If possible, I’m going to stay closer to home during that time. It should be doable considering work and appointments.

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