Phone Scams & Headaches

Mom called late this afternoon, leaving a message, saying she received a phone bill for the first time since she’s been in AL. She dithered about how she thought the phone was part of the AL bill, and to please call her back regarding this as she had no check book to pay the bill with. I paused for a moment, and called her back.

The bill is from Clear Rate. I told her I receive and pay her bill from CenturyLink, to put the Clear Rate bill aside, not to worry, and that I would investigate, and let her know. She cheerfully thanked me and said “Good Night.”

My husband and I had dinner next, during which the light to my left started causing me significant discomfort.

After dinner it dawned on me, after looking up Clear Rate, that they might have called and soliticited mom. A fast call to CenturyLink lets me know they are still servicing the phone number. This is a pure case of fraud. Tomorrow I’ll call the CenturnLink Customer Care # for advise. The FCC after that if necessary. Also worrying me is that when mom left the Island almost a year ago, she had her Island check book, and now doesn’t think she does. I have to reconcile checks that have been AWOL for 11.5 months… That I didn’t know about.

Meanwhile I’ve popped a low level migraine. These are the incidence that cause my migraines to surface. As my friend Catherine says: A migraine is your body trying to tell you something…” I think my body/brain is trying to tell me to be OK with never ending surprises and, at times, total lack of control.

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