Operation Kitty Kat

A number of mom’s friends at the AL community have cats. My daughter floated the idea past me, some months ago, that perhaps her grandma would like to join the cat club. On top of the companionship, a pet would give mom a sense of purpose. However, we both realized that mom would be resistant to the idea because she thinks she’s going home any minute. The time has come to deploy our cat strategy. Using the art of gentle deception last week, my kid asked her grandma if she’d be willing to help foster a cat. Mom is on board! I’m spending every spare moment looking for just the right kitty:

  • Age 4-7
  • Lap cat/Out-going
  • Healthy (no special needs)
  • Good temperament (no behavioral issues)

Finding the above isn’t easy in January. Our local shelter has eight cats right now. In June they’ll have 60! I have, ideally, four days.

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