Ophthalmology Follow-up

Mom’s follow appointment went perfectly. I learned two things:

  • The YAG laser procedure has actually been around for a l-o-n-g time. The laser now in use is ‘second generation.’ The doc, who appears a little young than me, said the procedure has been around longer than he’s been practicing.
  • Mom had this procedure done on her right eye at some point! The doc could tell just by looking at mom’s eye two weeks ago. Evidently the procedure leaves signs of having been done. This had to have happened while my dad was alive, and still drive (prior to 2011), as eye dilation and driving are contra-indicated, at least by anyone who doesn’t want to get into a wreck.

The doc asked mom if she remembered having the right eye done. She shook her head “No.” He turned to me and said, “Maybe she’ll forget the left eye too!” To ward off any surly remark from mom, I replied, “Well, who wants to remember getting their eyes dilated?”

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