Lunch Conversation

Mom barely took a breath before launching into this round of confabulations. She rounded on them again and again. They are listed below more or less in order:

  • Dr. O has cleared me to return to the Island. I can leave at anytime, and would really like to do that. (3 times)
  • I’m going to need a car on the Island…
    • I wish I could get a local paper (meaning the city where the ferry lands when leaving the Island). The city paper only lists big fancy (new) cars, and I don’t want anything like that. Maybe a VW Squareback or a Beetle. (1 time)
    • Dr. O says I’m good to drive. (3 times) (I said, Dr. O can’t approve your driving, the state has to.) 
    • I’m going to ask Dr. O to write a letter I can give to the state. I’ll ask him to notarize it. I’ll pay for that. (2 times)
  • Did I tell you about Dr. G coming to see me (2 times)
    • (she repeated a piece of the story she told Dr. O about Dr. G on January 5th) 
      • “…When the Land Trust was forming on the Island, Dr G told her he thought it was a horrible idea that would never accomplish anything. When the forming board of directors (which in reality included my father) was considering asking Dr. G to join the board, mom says she counseled them that being the only MD on the Island, it could be difficult for Dr. G to attend meetings and/or travel amongst the Islands to visit and assess potential lands for inclusion into the Trust. BUT, she said she never told the forming board of directors that Dr. G didn’t consider the endeavor of the Trust a worthy undertaking….” (1 time)
    • She then went on to say, “That’s why he came here. He’s always been a little weird. (I asked, “In what way is Dr. G weird, mom?) Oh, I don’t know, I haven’t had to see him in SO long because I’m is such good health. (3 times – variants)
    • I asked, “How long has it been since you’ve seen Dr. G?) Oh, 10 years, anyways. More, I’m sure. (1 time)
    •  (I asked, “How have your prescriptions been refilled all this time?”) Oh, they’re standard things, and just get refilled. I mean, I hardly have any prescriptions! (1 time) (She has five Rx, plus multiple OTC pills.)
  • Have I told you about the trouble I’m having with the heat in my room? (3 times) (Nothing I could say about how programmable thermostats or mini-splits work dissuaded her from thinking her HVAC is screwed up.)
    • The tech was impossible, and indicated I broke it (the thermostat). They’re replaced the thermostat three times! (2 times) 
    • The GM came to talk to me about it and was terrible. He
      • Said I couldn’t switch rooms, and I know there are empty rooms on my side of the building! (4 times)
      • Alluded to my special status and discount, like I shouldn’t be allowed to have heat. (2 times)

 I’m going to call the GM and get his side of the story. I’m afraid he has joined the growing targets of my mom’s persecution complex. I am going to ask Dr. O if upping mom’s Zoloft is appropriate. I’m going to have a glass of wine soon. “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere.”

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