Anonymous Caller Rejection

Mom left voice mail mid-morning:

“I’ve received two very concerning calls regarding my taxes, saying they haven’t been filed or paid. It was my understanding that you were taking care of this! I would appreciate it very much if you would call me back as soon as possible to discuss this…”

I called mom back and explained that the IRS will Never call a taxpayer as a method of first contact. Never ever. The calls are hoaxes, and this hoax in particular has been around for a few years. She said she had the phone number to call back, and asked if I wanted it. Nope. I told her the only thing that would happen if I called the number, is someone would do a hard sell for a credit card number. She then said she thought it was hoax, but wanted to make sure. Uh huh.

The second I was off the phone with her I called her telco and had an Anonymous Call Rejection block placed on the line. Anyone (including friends) who doesn’t have caller ID activated on their phone lines (most huxters) won’t get through to mom.

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