January 2018 Island Trip – Day One

I arrived at noon and got up to:

  • Cleaning and sorting most of the lower barn. This included sorting through the contents of three rolling shelving racks, emptying a tiny fridge of unknown chemicals and film, throwing away things that are long forgotten, stacking items with some value on the shelves, sorting the overall space into, “free stuff, garbage, and keep,” and sweeping up unending rat poop (both barns are now treated by the pest folks, but cleaning up has been a low priority until now). All this to..
  • Unload the eight Bertoia chairs from the back of the truck. They’ve been in storage on the mainland, are in terrible shape, and so can live in the barn for the time being.
  • Found water on the floor on the lower barn… A shovel is in my future as there’s no plumbing in the wall where the leak is. Could be a leak is in the roof. (The water table on the land is higher than I’ve ever seen.)
  • Started in on gathering things that can go to hazardous waste recycling in the upper barn.There is a lot.
  • Called for inspection on the new water heater.
  • Met the tile guy, who regrouted the stove counter top today.
  • Turned off the freezer and monitored its defrosting so it didn’t flood the shed.
  • Packed eight boxes of books. I bought small packing boxes. Books are SO heavy.
  • Spent far too much time, with my husband’s help, trying to get my new space aged cell phone to hang on the wifi here. 
  • Sorted out mom, who received another bill from Clear Rate Communication. 
I will endeavor to Not say up until 1AM as is my habit when I’m on the Island. 

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