January 2018 Island Trip – Day Two


  • The fireplace insert folks came by early to install a missing interior panel in the unit. I asked for a few minutes of remedial training regarding the remote control, as it wasn’t working as advertised. The receiving unit in the fireplace was on the wrong setting! What a relief.
  • The bathroom paint is 98% finished. The remainder is the ceiling of the closet the washer lives in. It seemed more important to get the room itself to 100%. The closet can fit in.
  • The kitchen painting is underway. I stopped short because…
  • The tile guy was supposed to come back today and seal the grout. He texted to let me know the sealer says to wait 48 hours. Meanwhile,
  • I emptied everything off the counters so he could seal them. Between the kitchen and bathroom being emptied, the house looks like a cyclone hit it.
  • I had to make a hardware store run today because someone who painted in my absence didn’t clean the brushes, touched, with a painty hand, an otherwise perfect, and clean, roller thereby destroying it. I have found the offending paint in the house also. I am displeased.
  • More books were packed. My back is sore…
  • I went through some of dad’s clothes and chose the winter weight ones to donate. I also pulled the same from mom’s clothes to sneak into her apartment.
  • The antique queen sized bed is listed on a local sales forum. 
The Activities Director from mom’s AL community emailed me this afternoon to let me know they couldn’t find the doctor’s release allowing mom to use the swimming pool, and that mom was unhappy about not being able to partake today. I sent Dr. O the form and asked him to fax it to the community. I wrote back to the Activities Director saying I could probably quote mom’s grumbles verbatum.

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