January 2018 Island Trip – Day Four

As is my habit, I managed to catch the earlier ferry off the Island this morning. It was a last minute decision driven by checking the schedule online, and realizing I had about 7 minutes to leave, and 5 1/2 minutes of tasks left to do. After assuring myself that I both wanted an additional hour and forty minutes at home, and was willing to to be a dervish, I went for it. I also ugly cried as I pulled the door closed behind me.The boat loaded two minutes after I got in line.

The ride over was uneventful. After a stroll around the boat, I returned to the truck after finding one puzzle with half its edge pieces missing, and read for a while and then dozed.

I made four stops on the way home:

  • The local fabric shop yielded two yards of amazing antique trailer flannel, a packet of 10″ square cut fabric in antique trailer motif, a fabric panel to make an apron, also antique trailer themed, and another pack of 10″ squares in the most incredible mid-century modern patterns I’ve ever seen.
  • My wallet (a gift from my handbag addicted child)  has given up on its zipper after seven years. A visit to the Coach outlet solved this void. My kid gets her taste from my mom, who was buying Coach bags in Sausalito, CA when I was a young child.
  • The nearest city to us has a Gospel Mission. They were ecstatic to receive my dad’s warm clothes, coats and jackets. This was the hardest thing to let go of. Not due to letting go of dad’s things, but because I always keep respect in the forefront of everything I do at my mom’s property. How would it be for her to come home (I know that’s not going to happen) and all of her husband’s winter clothes are gone?? On one hand it hurts my heart to think how upsetting this could be for my mama, on the other, my dad would want his warm clothing to keep others warm. Dad wins.
  • The hazmat drop off took everything except a can of latex paint (which they don’t take anyways) which had dried into a hard lump! The tech grinned at me saying, “This is ready to throw out in your garbage!” They assured me that my load was far from the ‘worst’ they’d seen. I said there was more coming!
After unloading the truck, starting laundry, and putting away 90% of everything, I took a reset nap. Tomorrow I’m going to sew, which will be wonderful in and of itself, but will also give me lots of Elvis kitty time. He was very happy to see me. So was my husband.

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