My mom has been on my ass to get TV for years.

When I moved back to our region, early in 1999,  I decided my daughters didn’t need television telling them how they should dress, walk, do their eye makeup, what to read, how long their necks should be, how to act in order to attract partners… Much to my mother’s horror, I never set up a cable TV feed.

A year later, when we bought our house, we were able to get news, and The Simpson’s via the antennae on the TV. As stations started broadcasting in HD, this quickly went by the wayside.

For years we’ve been saying, “We haven’t have broadcast TV since 1999.” Folks are impressed, or like my mom, horrified. The most common comment is, “What do you do??” Um, talk to each other…

After infecting my husband with the football bug a number of years ago, we used one of our child’s friend’s streaming setup to watch games. More recently we tried using mom’s Island satellite account to stream here on the mainland. This was a cluster fuck, and was the only reason for keeping TV going on the Island, which we took over paying for. Whether it was too many hops over too many systems, or the satellite company simply sucks at streaming we don’t get to know. We quickly decided to cancel the satellite at the Island house, and add TV to our phone and internet service… For the first time in, oh, 19 years we have broadcaste TV again.

So far we’ve used the TV to watch football, the Olympics, and local news broadcasts between the prior two shows. We continue to enjoy Netflix, watching one or two shows at a time.

I can’t wait to tell mom we have TV, but will wait until she grumbles at me again about how MUCH we’re missing due to our “aversion to television.”  📺

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