The general manager at mom’s community has moved to a different position in the company, and the person who helped launch the community is now managing the building again. This pleases me for many reasons.

When my daughter was crossing T’s and dotting I’s regarding the cat joining mom, she asked the new GM what the pet deposit was so I could send a check with the cat. The GM said, “Never mind the deposit (perks of being a ‘family member’), I’m more interested as to why your grandma is still using ‘respite’ furniture a year after moving in.”

This is the furniture that was in the apartment when mom joined the community. I was told it was a temporary loan sort of arrangement, and that after a month or so, mom would be charged a monthly fee for the use of the furniture, we could buy it for her, or of course, we could bring her own furniture, which struck terror in my heart. The fee never showed up on the bill, and no conversation was instigated from the community regarding purchasing the furniture. I’ve had bigger priorities over the last year than to follow up on the respite furniture situation.

Now that there’s a real GM in the building, my hand is forced, sorta. I completely understand that we need to rent or buy the respite furniture, or redo the apartment with mom’s belongings. When my daughter had the conversation with the GM and the marketing director about this, before talking to me, she asked them, “And how are we supposed to deal with my Grandma freaking the FUCK out when her furniture from her home, she’s so sure she’s returning to at any moment, is suddenly in this apartment?” The marketing director said, “You know this, we do this all the time. Have your mom take grandma out for a day, we’ll get the apartment set up, your mom will drop her off at the door, then the two of you won’t answer your phones for a week, and then, grandma will forget…” And, the marketing director is right. That’s how this is going to have to go down…

I’ve received a floor plan of mom’s apartment with measurements. I’ll create a scale drawing of the apartment, and when I go to the Island next month I”ll be able to figure out what furniture can go where. While I didn’t expect to launch into this project at this point in time, it’s going to help me get the Island house emptied sooner than I thought. Including what will come out of storage to furnish mom’s apartment, as well as the Island house, there’s a possibility that everything left over will fit into the remaining space in the storage unit.

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