February 22 Elvis Update

Mom had the concierge call my daughter today. My kiddo described the conversation as, “very long and shallow.” Mom went on repetitive worry about Elvis, including that he needed some sort of emotional intervention because it’s been weeks, and Elvis still won’t come out from under the bed. My daughter, gently, conversationally cornered mom into a place whereby mom had to acknowledge that it indeed had only been two days since Elvis has joined her. Mom then admitted that perhaps Elvis’ shy behavior wasn’t so off base after all.

Mom did not call my daughter yesterday, despite what mom told my mother-in-law,

This evening, while I was at rehearsal, mom left me voicemail. Whether our number was discovered written down on a piece of paper that floated to the top of a pile, or whether the number filtered back into mom’s memory, I don’t know. She told me all about Elvis like I didn’t ‘meet’ him on Tuesday evening. I was relieved to hear her say he’s eating, drinking, and using the ‘sand box.’ Not that I doubt for a second he’s nourishing himself, or using the potty, but that mom now thinks he is. She went further to say she can coax him out of under the bed, or pick him up, and take him to the couch, and love on him. She otherwise sounded pretty good.

My takeaway from this is that nothing is predictable, stable or linear. As a fairly predictable, stable and linear person, this is VERY challenging for me. Learning to take everything with a shovel full of salt is my best option.

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