Self-Care 301

Lots happened this last week in terms of taking care of me, some of it overdue:

  • Mammogram on Monday. Results are negative!
  • Mad gardening both on the ivy project between us and our neighbor, and working on Himalayan blackberry removal, and raking garden frace down the ravine (to mitigate soil erosion) on Tuesday and Thursday. 
  • Bought 4 bras for $100 Thursday. This was accomplished by exercising a sale and a coupon. I’m on my last ‘real’ bra, so this was getting a little desperate. The challenge is, ‘real’ bras (for me) have underwires, and when the underwire finally breaks, you are tortured for the rest of the day with a thin metal wire poking you somewhere in your boob or chest wall. 😳
  • Also on Thursday, needing to resupply a few items of my over-priced, but effective, skin care, I took advantage of the brand’s latest “Spend $37.50 and we’ll give you a gift” deal. Spend more and you get more. I did spend more, and the lovely sales associate comp’d me not just the 2 gift choices available, but all 4. It’s like a Christmas stocking in March. Bless Heidi’s heart!
  • Yesterday I found 3 pairs of jeans for $120, again on sale, plus a department store coupon. The last time I bought jeans was in 2012. The most recent lower garment purchase I made was in June: two pairs of fun leggings.
  • Also yesterday, I replaced, for $14 plus tax, a beloved pair of what I called Urban Combat boots, whose left heel popped off one day. The cobbler told me, due to cheap construction, they were unrepairable. I wore those boot with everything: Sundresses, jeans, on stage, in the snow when I cared (hah!) what my shoes looked like. For 14 bucks, it’s amazing to have far better quality shoe back in my slim arsenal of footware.
  •  Continuing on yesterday’s care-fest I got my hair cut into a shallow inverted bob by my stylist’s (who has moved with her military spouse to another state) sister. My hair grows an average of ten inches a year. Traditionally, I get a haircut every 12 months. It’s been 5 months this time. 4” of hair came off. I’m loving it!
  • We booked a week’s vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

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