March 2018 Island Trip – Day Two

Having stayed up until almost 2AM, I was slower to start than I would have liked this morning.

  • I went through the next swath of my father’s clothes for donation. It was hard to put his handkerchiefs in the donation bag. I have my grandfather’s never-used handkerchiefs in my sewing room awaiting some flash of inspiration to turn them into something wonderful. Again, I imagine my dad peering over his comfy cloud tsk-ing, “Handkerchiefs are for snot, not sewing projects.” I can’t deal with dad’s dress clothes yet.
  • The skylight well in the bathroom remains dry despite the rain and a quick shower. The painter is madly busy as his boss isn’t well. He’ll stop in over the weekend and start the project after I’ve left.
  • My painting day started with a trip to the hardware store to buy more paint to finish the kitchen, which is now as done as it’s going to get. There’s something about low VOC semi gloss paint that keeps it from sticking to the wall the way it ought to…
  • I also stopped at the picky thrift store with my latest offerings on mom’s behalf, picked up a sweet onion at the market (yesterday’s oversight), and had a terrible Thai lunch.
  • Just as I finished the kitchen paint, Doug the deck builder arrived. We came up with a plan, and then went to the upper barn where he’s had some machinery, and and a little furniture stored for a number of years. It was good to know what was his, verses my dad’s. He’s had a tough orthopedic run in the last few years. The deck is just the right sized project for him. As we chatted, his lovely dog ran all over the property, getting thoroughly and delightfully muddy.
  • After Doug left I pulled the fridge out from it’s alcove and found this:
    Unknowable years of grime, a black widow spider, and a broken glass collection.

    Thank God for Windex.

    How foolish of me to think I could just mop the walls, wait for them to dry, and start painting…

  • The adjacent utility closet was in better shape. By the time my husband and I were able to play virtual backgammon this evening, I’d painted around the edges of both spaces, after using obnoxious cleaners on that tile floor. 
  • While the walls dried, I took a few things out to the tool shed and found hundreds of dead flies! They are now entombed in the shop vac. I have zero explanation for this.
  • I made a hazmat cut in the shed as well as identifying items that can go to the dump, like the last remaining seat of the Attack Honda.
  • I’ve worked on putting things back where they go in the face of the fridge being in the middle of the room, and the utility closet contents being not where they belong… 
  • Still to do tonight is figure out where mom’s furniture will fit into her apartment, list a few items on the Island centric sales boards, and watch some Grace and Frankie.

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