Five Years

A few minutes before midnight, five years ago tonight, my father passed away from complications due to pneumonia. This is (most of) what I wrote to his/our tribe in breaking the news:

I am saddened to tell you that our Bobby passed away a few minutes before midnight last night, 7 hours after being transitioned to ‘comfort care.’ He was free of noisy intrusive medical equipment, very comfortable, peaceful, and surrounded by mom, his four daughters, my husband, and granddaughter #2

He lived a good life, fought this battle admirably & courageously, and is forging ahead, staking out a claim for the rest of us.

Thank you all for your encouragement, kindness and support through this time, both to us but most importantly for Bob. Every greeting and endearment you asked me to relay was delivered to him, and reiterated late last night. Bob knows he was loved far and wide.
I thought I’d share some photos of my handsome dad today. I miss him.
April 2004.

2008 – Dad and Syd Vicious, who was more of an attention slut than a killer.
Maybe 2007 – Tim and dad at coffee.

Late 1950’s

2003 ~ Mom is 68, I’m 40 and dad is almost 70.
2008 Syd had a thing for dad.

2009 Looking very much like his dad.    
Christmas 2006 sporting a buzz cut as his hair had solidly come back after three rounds of chemo in 2005.

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