God Has Left the Building

This morning’s peek at social media let me know that my friend Kathee passed away early this morning, or last night. Two of her grandson’s posted beautiful eulogies, one of them pondering how an expected six months is cut down to, what I assume, is four to five weeks. He then comforted all of us by saying Kathee was no longer in pain, was at rest, all the right words.

The other day I heard heaven and hell described as the way the departed are remembered. A truly evil person will always be remembered as such, and therefore they are in hell. Similarly, good people are remembered for their light and kindness, and so this is their heaven. Knowing that Kathee was 110% not religious, but not knowing her thoughts about what might be next after our time here, I can say with absolute certainty Kathee is in the heaven that resides in all of our hearts and memories.

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