A Good Day

We’re on ‘count down’ for our trip to Mexico. Eating down the fridge, making things easy for our house-sitter, and catching up on little chores, less they blossom into large tasks while we’re gone, suddenly rise on the priority list. Accomplishing all these little things sure feels good, and having the mental space to make it happen in the absence of anxiety lets me know things are trending in the right direction. In the last 36 hours I:

  • Ordered Pesos from our bank yesterday, and picked them up today. The exchange rate is three time more advantageous than it was last time we went to Mexico.
  • Deposited an 80 year-old client’s check for yesterday’s work in the sun. My forearms are still sporting annoyed raspberry scratches, which fortunately didn’t hurt as I weeded around her father’s venerable plants. What a lovely connection to the past, even if long sleeves were called for!
  • Did laundry and hand washables.
  • Called the pest control company who keeps such at bay at mom’s mainland house. The tenant thinks there’s something in the diminutive shed attic. I’m sure he’s correct.
  • Paid the tile guy for the Island house fireplace surround. He’s sourcing a simple mantle. 
  • Called the opthalmologist’s billing office, as I received a second invoice. They’d received the payment. Yay!
  • Called mom’s community to:
    • Let the nursing staff know both my daughter and I would be out of the country next week, and my youngest daughter is the ‘go-to’ person should such a person be needed, and
    • Ask the marketing director for a list of the Respite Apartment contents, as I’m not getting it from the GM.
  • Called mom’s vision insurance company to obtain a current statement showing her 2018 premium was paid in order to claim a reimbursement from mom’s FSA account.
  • Bought cat food and chicken scratch.
  • Hug out with the grand-dog.
  • Cleaned the chicken coop, enclosure, waterer and feeder while the girls bustled around the garden nibbling weeds. 
  • Finished the house-sitting instructions.
  • Lots of other little bits.

I called mom at 5:30 to remind her about her dental appointment tomorrow. She asked, “Why am I going to the dentist?” I said she hadn’t been since 2016. When there wasn’t an immediate reply, I said, “It’s a good idea!” She agreed!!

Our friend (also our house-sitter) is coming over to invent dinner while my sweetie plays hockey tonight. 

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