Pre-Flight Thoughts

As we count down the hours until we board our flight, both my husband and I are marveling how much more relaxed we are than the last time we went to Mexico. As the weekend has productively meandered by, we’ve come up with a few ideas:

  • Last time we went, we preceeded the trip with updating our estate documents, which were woefully out of date. While this needed doing, it somehow put a “what if” umbrella up over the planning of the trip. Indeed that’s why one keeps these docs up-to-date, but it was a big effort to get through before we left the country.
  • I have always been an advocate of carrying all my luggage on the plane, from before the days when airlines charged you for the privilege of checking bags. It expedites getting one out of the airport. This trip, not only are we checking luggage, I went out and bought a second suitcase that we’ll pay to stow in the belly of the plane. Suddenly, packing is WAY easier simply because I don’t have to do it so carefully in regards to what’s allowed as carry-on. It is vacation after all. 
  • The largest, and most profound reason I, we, are feeling so much more at ease is that mom is in care. I haven’t spent hours composing letters to and communicating with her Island neighbors about what to do IF any number of things should happen, how to get in touch with us, supplying folks with her medical insurance info etc. I simply called the nursing staff at the AL community, and let them know that if we were unreachable, it was all on my youngest child (Love you, Darling!) should anything come up that needs family input, which won’t happen. 
Tomorrow, we rise as though it was a work day, enjoy a Moderate length flight, arrive early evening, and settle in. In reality, our vacation has already begun. Namaste.

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