PV 2 & 3

Yesterday’s goals were exceeded in that I picked up a sun burn walking back from the grocery! My daughter and I sent her boy friend and my husband back to the condos in a taxi, and we strolled. She, being fair to the point of translucent, is a sunscreen disciple. I, being darker complected, and having grown up in the days of Sea & Ski SPF 8 being the beefiest protection available as we sailed, am not nearly as sunscreen diligent as I should be. The day was lovely, as in not too hot, the walk short… I have an un-burned stripe across my boob and shoulder (one wears little here in late April) due to my handbag’s strap’s vigilant sun-protective properties. We joined the kids at the pool after a bite of lunch. The tan lines are complicated, but not devastating.

Today my husband and I, after greeting our girl and her sweetheart at the pool, on her 30th birthday, headed off on foot in search of old PV, but didn’t really find it. We found funky architecture, gritty streets, and observed a pharmacy every 1.5 blocks. After a fine time walking over 6 miles in the 86 degree heat, we retreated back to our condo, ate lunch and napped.

This evening we enthusiastically enjoyed Rhythms of the Night, which includes an hour boat ride, with entertainment, to and from the site, where an amazing show takes place, that’s followed up with dinner.

On our walk today we noticed smoke in the mountains to the southeast and wondered if it was a controlled burn. We didn’t see any flames though it was a impressive amount of smoke. We can smell the smoke now on the 25th floor condo balcony, where I’m writing. The many miles and number of concrete building between us and the smoke doesn’t trouble me, even though the smoke bothers my eyes.

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