PV 5 & 6

Yesterday we went to the village of Yelapa, at Tim’s recommendation (instruction!). When he used to frequent PV, and meander to Yelapa, the village was run on generators, had only 2 years of formal education available, boasted a population of 200, and had no road leading into the village. Today there is electricity, has K-12 education, 2000 year round residents, and has no road leading into the village! As our water taxi pulled into the harbor, I turned to my tribe and said, “So, this is what paradise looks like.” If I go missing, check Yelapa first.

Today we went to Los Veranos and Zip-Lined through the forest. It was sublime. I think a life-time of hurling ourselves off a forest built ladder on the ball-swing at our summer camp, which we as adults still spend time at every year, made this activity a natural. We’ve been training for Zip-Lining for decades! We had lunch after hurling ourselves through the forest, and then my daughter and I chilled in the stunning Los Horcones river for 30 minutes.

After a siesta, my husband and I enjoyed a cantina we can see from our balcony, and a stroll on the beach. It’s Saturday night and SO many families come out to enjoy the evening, fish, picnic, play with their children… it’s inspiring. These folks know what’s truly important.

After returning to the condo, my FMIL called. She asked where we were, and when I told her, she said that wouldn’t help her. Turns out last week she took a spill on the concrete step from her garage into the house, and landed on her face. A neighbor saw it happen and got her to the hospital. Nothing is broken (thank heavens), but she reports the bruise is getting uglier, and she worries a blood vessel is broken. I tried to soothe her with how vascular our heads are. Another neighbor is taking her to her doc appointments. She’s giving my phone # to the transportation neighbor. She sounded really good despite her injury.

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