Home and Away!

After three days at home, we took off yesterday to camp at our favorite state park, in our favorite space. It rained all day today. After a wonderful late breakfast, I ran some errands (one of my fav local fabric stores is liquidating ☹️), and my Sweetie stayed in camp. We’re making a big shrimp salad for dinner.

Meanwhile, we’re reading, writing, enjoying the fire (the rain has backed off), listening to music, and relaxing.

While briefly at home, mom left voice mail saying she needed to talk to us about the beautiful kimono we’d given her for her birthday (my youngest daughter and her family gave mom the kimono). It’s too small, and mom is wondering if it can be exchanged, or given to my youngest girl, as she thinks it’ll fit her perfectly. My guess is it will swim on my wee one, but we’ll figure something out. Mom said she was about to head out, and would be back no later than 7:30PM, and would call back, which she didn’t. And hasn’t. So, she’s forgotten, and that’s OK. 😉

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