Home Again…

After sleeping in, again, we made fast and practiced work of packing up the trailer, despite our campsite having turned into a muddy puddle overnight, and hit the road. My husband graciously indulged me with stops at a beautiful mixed media shop, and a well and uniquely stocked fabric store on our way home. I decided that he shouldn’t snooze in the trailer while I’m in any fabric store… 😉

Between the two of us we backed the truck and trailer (38+ feet in length) down our very long and narrow driveway, leaving the rig in a perfect position to snug the trailer up next to the house tomorrow, after we weed, rake and level the gravel pad. An annual chore. We’ve unloaded, started laundry, greeted chickens and cat, admired the new wheels once again, and are rounding on making some dinner. No calls from mom… I checked in with my FMIL. She sounds OK for someone who took such a hard spill, and again listened to, and encouraged her while she talked through the notion of moving to AL… Someday.

Tomorrow is our last day of vacation. We’re both feeling a tad of melancholy watching the end of 2.5 weeks of time off come to an end. We’ll pull up our britches and charge ahead.

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