Odd Voice Mail Update

I called my FMIL this evening to follow up on the voice mail she left Wednesday. She had zero recall of leaving me voicemail, and of course, there has been no additional accident. While she sounded good, she shared with me:

  • Her step-son was coming up, but still doesn’t know when, three times (I confirmed his arrival date with him later this evening),
  • My daughter was coming up, and needed confirmation of her arrival dates, three times.
  • She fell, two times.
  • The fall was harder on her than she realized, two times.
  • She was going to seriously look into AL, three times.
  • But not before she was able to get rid of her belongings, six times,
  • That she’d have to give up her car once in AL, three times.
  • How incredible the weather is, two times.
I encouraged her to make decisions for herself while she was able to , and she agreed. If she does, remains to be seen.

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