Mother’s Day Brunch

We enjoyed brunch at mom’s AL community late this morning. We went to her apartment, bringing her a bouquet from our garden, and a card. Lilacs were included, which pleased her. Mom was wearing the same fetching top as she did on Tuesday. As we headed down to brunch, mom said she wanted to return to the apartment with us before we headed out. My husband gave a look boardering on dread, while I cheerfully said, “OK!” A year, maybe even six months ago, her request would have struck terror in my heart.

On our way down to the dining room we were both startled by mom’s extra wobbly gait. She has  chronic neutropenia (low sodium), which can cause dizziness, but this was akin to when mom used to drink. My darling husband (DH) continued to notice her gait while we were with her, although I did not. He pointed out to me that mom has me lead, and she follows, so there’s little chance I would pick up mom’s continued wobbles. He takes up the rear as we walk, and so sees all.

Brunch was very good, and filling. We are preparing dinner now, nine hours later!  Mom asked a slew of questions at the beginning of the meal:

  • Would we (my DH and I) see my step-daughter, Chloe, after brunch.
  • She wanted to know what Chloe was up to these days.
  • And then what was Chloe up to today, with attitude, as though my DH should know what his 24 year-old girl is up to all the time.
  • Mom rounded on her dental work saying, “This dentist thinks this tooth needs a crown, and I don’t understand why!” I explained the tooth was cracked, and would deteriorate without a crown. This gave her pause.
  • She also, without understanding the new crown is being made at the lab right now, went on a tangent about whether the crown would be gold or composite. There was no soothing her that composite and gold crowns cost the same today, and, particularly at her age, last the same. Despite telling her my crowns are composite and have never failed me, she grumbled. The dental work is causing her a fair amount of anxiety (as it does most of us), and she’s placing blame on the dentist, who doesn’t deserve it. 
  • Mom quizzed my DH repeatedly about what his mom was up to. He gave mom a lovely detailed answer that both kept mom focused for some time, and helped me understand the nature of my FIL dissertation in a way that I never have before. Mom, while not adding much to the conversation, was clearly captivated.
  • My DH also held down a conversational line discussing hockey. Something mom really likes, but doesn’t follow. She enjoyed what my DH was relating to her, but, in this case, didn’t ask any questions.
After brunch we sat in the living room and listened to the pianist’s until they finished (Schubert), and then went back to mom’s apartment.  My youngest girl and her husband gave mom a beautiful kimono for her birthday. Mom tried it on for us. It doesn’t close across her tummy. Mom pulled another kimono from her closet, and put it on as an example as to how a kimono should fit. It also didn’t fit across her tummy, but was much longer. We told her we’d find out if her birthday kimono could be exchanged. 
Elvis is settled in to the point that we are now strangers. This makes us happy and sad all at the same time.
We exchanged love, hugs and kisses and headed out.

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