My eldest daughter flies in from the south tomorrow morning for a few days. I haven’t seen her in more than three and a half years. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

On our way back from the airport, we’ll stop in and have lunch with mom. They haven’t seen each other in more than six and a half years. Mom has experienced profound changes in her life since then, and her memory has taken a precipitous drop. While I expect the visit with mom to go well, seeing such changes is never easy.

My girl will spend Wednesday with her grandma, my FMIL. As one of my FMIL’s executors, she is hoping to talk her grandma into allowing her and Dan (FMIL step-son) to have copies of the financial and medical DPOAs, without which they are unable to help Jane should something occur (Gee, like a terrible hospital inducing fall), particularly from many states away. If she can’t convince Jane, as a grandchild, she’s going to, with respect and moderation, put on her attorney hat, and see if she can make headway exercising her credentials as a member of the Bar. I have very high hopes she can get somewhere. She’s also going to help out Jane in anyway Jane will allow.

Thursday is wide open. We’ll try to keep any potential shenanigans to a dull roar. 😉

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