An All Too Quick Week.

As planned my eldest spent Wednesday with her other Grandma (my FMIL). They determined the documents she hoped to retrieve are in Jane’s safety deposit box. Hopefully Jane’s step-son, Dan, who arrived today, can coax Jane into letting him have, at least, copies.

We filled our time, Wednesday evening, Thursday and Friday, with lots of conversation, meals, dinner with my middle girl, her boyfriend, and my husband, a beach walk, and more conversation. I think we could have talked for six weeks straight. Our time together passed too fast.

I dropped my kiddo off at the airport yesterday early afternoon, and dove back into my, in moments, over-subscribed life by finding a piece of wood (Brazilian cherry) for the mantel at the Island house, pissing off my back while wrapping it up in a tarp in the back of the truck (300-350 pounds), picking up some new gear for the booth I coordinate all summer at our farmer’s market, and running through the grocery where I slowed down enough to chat with our fav fish monger, and enjoy the wine tasting, after inhaling a piece of cheese as I hadn’t eaten since mid-morning.

While watching the last (😢) episode of Grace and Frankie last night, I started lists for both what has to happen before I return to the Island on Thursday, and what’s going down once I’m there. Today I completed an unfinished fun project, and then gardened carefully to avoid exacerbating my cranky lower back. Homemade sushi will top off the day. Tomorrow we get to play with our grandson all day.

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