Mom’s Island County Elections Department sent a postcard to our house to confirm her change of address (from over year ago!). Further, they ask for her residential address should she no longer live on the Island, and also ask to confirm where she gets her mail.

Mom obviously no longer lives on the Island. Her mail comes to us, and she lives yet in a different County than we do. These folks want to know where to reassign her voter registration, in a kinda clumsy way. My mother is no longer capable of tracking issues on a ballot in any of the three potential Counties involved. After asking my nurse daughter’s advice I’ve come to the following decision:

  • We’ll tell the Island County that mom’s  residence is our house. While voting is a right for the vast majority of Americans, a ballot showing up in mom’s AL community mailbox would cause her anxiety both in that she would know nothing about what she was voting for, and that she wasn’t voting on Island issues.
  • I’ll shred her ballot, like I did the last one that was forwarded from the Island County
  • I’ll sign the postcard with my signature and “Attorney-in-Fact for My Mama.”
  • I’ll also explore the online option for completing this form.  
While far less fraught, this is in the same arena as trying to get her license revoked, moving her away from her home, taking over the rest of her financial and medical life… It’s another loss, but this time she doesn’t know it’s happened. 

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