Today the finish carpenter is:

  • Installing the bathroom cabinet doors that my father made 15-20 years ago. Maybe longer.
  • Will repurpose the old kitchen cabinet doors for the kitchen sink cabinets that my father made at least 20 years ago. Think about that… My father made all new lower cabinets for the kitchen AND kept the doors for the cabinets he pulled out of the house, for decades.
  • Re-hanging the entry door to the house. The gap allows the winter winds in, and the heat out…
After I get there, he’ll:
  • Install the mantel, and
  • Use scrap from the mantel to trim a bank of windows, saving me (or someone else) from repairing sheetrock. Repairing sheetrock is my definition of purgatory.
While on paper, this list of items doesn’t seem earthshaking, but most of them are actual ‘blockers’ to  getting the house rented out. I’m really excited!

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