May 2018 Island Trip Day One

A fire engine pulling out, as I left our neighborhood, stalled my timing this morning (no grudge!). Then every light on the road from our interstate highway to the town that hosts the ferry terminal was red. I made it to the dock with 6 minutes to spare before losing my reservation. That’s a tad tighter than is comfortable.

The local market gifted me a dozen wine boxes, which are perfect for packing books. I arrived at the property to the once and again property manager working on the roof hot-mop project. The gal I’ve hired to help me pack was on my heels and got us right to work. I won’t say Sue is a slave driver, but she keeps us on task, and the kitchen is packed up save what I need to cook for myself while I’m here. We start again at 11 tomorrow morning.

The  installed bathroom cabinet doors look amazing.

I have a flank steak on the BBQ and have promised myself to get to bed before midnight. 

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