May 2018 Island Trip Day Four

Today we:

  • Slept in for the first time in a while!
  • Defrosted and emptied the remaining jars of broth, salsa and strawberry/rhubarb sauce that mom had made. This is all in service of emptying the fridge/freezer. The salsa and fruit sauce went deep into a field for the birds.
  • Enjoyed visits from the neighbor below us, who is going to fix and sell the GMC truck. I’ll sign the title over to him. Also the Amazing Neighbor stopped in for a visit. This is part of what Island Time is all about: Folks visit. It’s wonderful, and it put us and hour and a half behind on our day.
  • The toilet plugged up in a stubborn way. It’s not 100%, but not really usable…
  • Cleaned everything out of the darkroom office, removed the hard drive from my dad’s computer, considered the 15+ year-old computer peripherals, and added them to the dump pile. 
  • Went through all the buildings, including the house, to round out the dump and recycle load, and then marveled at how one person is able to conduct the ballet that occurs at the smallest dump I’ve ever seen on a madly busy day. 95% of customer are driving oversized trucks in a tiny space, moving in many directions, and no one runs into anyone else.
  • Returned and removed furniture from darkroom office, swept, and vacuumed the space. Two of the pieces were incredibly heavy. Seems to be a theme of the trip.
  • Hung all remaining removable rugs (that were not either full of burn holes, filthy, or ancient cheap runners, all of which went to the dump) outside to air.
  • Started in on washing the floor where the living room rug had been. Every groove between every board is full of sooty dirt at one end of the space. No wonder there’s a residual fireplace-like smell. 
  • DH packed up the truck with items he’s taking to the mainland tomorrow. The house looks empty and wonderful all at the same time.
  • I made salad, and we headed over to Tim and Cindy’s for dinner.

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