May 2018 Island Trip Day Five

Today started early, after yesterday ending late. My DH needed to get up at 6 in order to put the rest of his gear in the truck, as well as a few items for me, eat some breakfast, and get to the ferry. I spent the early part of the day bribing the toilet with various tricks, going through household systems paperwork, and cleaning the wood floors.

The well company showed up and ‘set the pump.’ This involved lowering 280 feet of threaded PVC pipe, in 20′ lengths, into the well. Each pipe was connected to the next with a beefy metal fitting. The electrical wiring for the pump was wrapped to the pipe every 20 feet with a tape that I’d like to know that name of. This was another Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood moment for me, having never seen this sort of work done, much less know anything about it. I asked elementary questions which were cheerfully answered. This company is so busy that they had to work on a national holiday.

My classmate Kev came by to look at the boat, and diagnosed the inboard motor “toast” after pulling the spark plugs and finding that 2 were rusty and 2 were corroded. I’ve listed the boat, trailer, and its outboard engine for ‘free’ on a local online sales board. There’s a fair amount of interest. Kev and I sat around in the sunny field discussing the state of the world, politics, and how when people find themselves is hot debate, tempers might be better soothed if the topic changed to fishing.

I continued with the floor cleaning project into the early evening. Every ten square feet the water looked like coffee. It was slow going…

Two dragonflies were stuck in the house late afternoon. I have an untapped talent for catching them unharmed, but don’t think there’s any profit in the technique! A colander and a pot lid enabled me to gently scoop them up, and escort them outdoors.

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