May 2018 Island Trip Day Seven

Today saw:

  • More floor cleaning. Living room, hallway, and master bedroom are done. Only areas under furniture remain.
  • Cleaning all the little places I’ve discovered that aren’t painted. Behind the big shelf, and a cabinet, above the oven after packing up what lived there. Then painting them. Bedroom closets are on another list!
  • The couches were cleaned today. I was out for dinner for three and half hours this evening. When I came back to the house, the smoky smell was almost gone.
  • I hung laundry out in the sun. For some reason, this always pleases me. Perhaps it’s about slowing down.
  • I sold my dad’s ginormous drafting board to a gal who does block printing. It feels good to know his table will be used by an artist.
  • Packing is almost done. I’m down to the tricky part where you’re trying to safely pack objects that do no play well together.
  • Raking aside the pine trimming I left on the ground yesterday because, 
  • The wonderful neighbor who mows for me was buzzing around the property. This is the third time he’s mowed. Today he cut a wider path such that I can see the flow of the land.
  • Trying to locate a member of an Island family that my parents were friends with, because I found a large mounted photo of their family members dated 1900. 
  • Dinner with the lovely neighbor at the end of the drive from me. She has walked my path, is wise, has a great sense of humor, and makes me smile.

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