2014 Family Xmas Letter

While going through papers last week, I found an end of year letter from an old friend and colleague of mom’s who’s wife has since died of Alzheimer’s. In it he writes:

“…we were unable to accurately describe the new symptoms, but once we combined “screaming” and “dementia,” Google understood all too well. Thousands of families regularly commiserate with each other about a common phenomenon for which there are no useful remedies or medications. Speculation begins – and ends – with the logical assumption that this is how humans behave when they no longer can summon words to explain their needs.”

Mom received this Christmas letter 9ish months after her first diagnosis, when she was still threatening to shoot the neurologist. While she’s not nearly as far down the path as her friend’s wife was at the time of the writing, she has forgotten about That Doctor’s findings that started this ball rolling.

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