May 2018 Island Trip Day Eight

I kinda hit a wall today after:

  • Putting the couches back together, and back in place.
  • Washing the bi-fold doors for the washing machine closet.
  • Cleared the pine trimmings from where the deck replacement will go. It’s the start of the new burn pile! 
  • Continuing to look for the septic tank, as evidently all I found was a two-way clean out for the system. I failed to find the tank, but did follow the cast iron pipe another 25-30’ down slope. The septic company will find it. They have the fancy high-tech poop-resistant cameras. I am done busting my butt over this project. Writing checks is how I will next participate. 
  • Going on a nice walk with the neighbor gals, during which,
  • Something in my left groin went ‘Twang,” causing, thankfully, momentary but intense pain. I was able to continue the walk, but am now fairly sore.
After the walk I went to town and:
  • Picked up the vapor barrier, and weather stripping for the newly re-hung entry door.
  • Donated 33 canning jars (I have enough).
  • Went to the gallery that my dad did photography for, and that I have a framed textile art piece from. Long story short, the owner told me to toss any negatives I came across (there are lots ~ my dad was her only photographer), and she helped me decide to consign the art piece. It’s badly damaged by sunlight, showed up at mom’s house sometime in 2016, and doesn’t grab me in any way. 
  • Consigned the art piece. The owner of the consignment shop recognized  the work, and thinks it will sell, even in it’s deteriorated condition, for $500-$700. Mom’s cut will be 60%.
  • Hit the drug store and grocery.
  • Wandered my fav little shop, and managed to exit without buying anything. It was soothing to have a meander.
Since getting back to the house the only really strenuous thing I’ve done is carry a 46# box of visqueen into the house. Since then, I’ve been catching up on paper, electronics, and consolidation. I  might finished packing this evening.

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