Dental Four

Today was the opening day of my town’s farmer’s market. I coordinate our county Master Gardener’s booth at this market, and have historically worked the first day of the market. Three of us work the booth and we each take a break a to wander the market during our four hour shift. During my meander my daughter called to tell me mom had broken a tooth this morning. I was super upset at the situation, and I confess not because mom is going have to endure even more dental, but because I am going to have listen to more dementia laced BS about how this dentist is such a clod. Yes, I know this is an emotional response. And having expected a mom break until the 22nd, before taking her to the dentist again, I was disheartened thinking I’d have to engage so soon. Don’t judge… My daughter reminded me that for a fee, that my mom can afford, Saint Jack can take mom to see the dentist. I will take care of making the appt, letting the dentist know what’s happened, and requesting the doc to call me with treatment options mid-appt, because mom literally can’t make these choices for herself. And I will work on absolving myself of the guilt associated with not accompanying her to this appointment. Namaste.  🙏

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