Defunked Poop Pump

Without going into mad detail, our septic woes were caused by a dead pump. It was 15 years old and had been pumping poop non-stop the whole time. So, at over two grand (inc tax), its replacement, amortized over a decade and a half, actually costs us about 37 cents a day. Given that this pump is something the house cannot function without, the daily cost of the poop pump really isn’t all that bad. It’s suddenly, without warning, paying for it all at once, and the added expense of a hotel, and dinner out that can give one pause. In total the work cost $3200. Sometimes it is our job to write the big checks, stand aside, and let the pros do their thing.

I’ll write a stellar review for the septic company. They had us back up and flushing in 24 hours. The three different crew members that came through were all down to earth humans. They slung pump gallows humor with us with abandon, yet were sympathetic in all the right ways.

I confess to being a little strung out over this event in much the same way I was on the Island. There is/was almost zero I can do to effect a situation such as this other than to diagnosis (Uhhhh, something is SERIOUSLY wrong here!!!). Then you are at the mercy of others, who you will pay anything they charge, because… Otherwise you can’t live in your home! Yeah, yeah, it’s all about accepting not being in control. I am a self-admitted control freak. Septic guys are the only service folks me and my DH can think of that we are 1000% reliant on. We can’t do the work they do, and have no redundancies to spell us while a problem is worked on, unlike cars, or even electrical and gas service issues (travel trailer with propane and 12 volt!). My experiences here and on the Island lead me to believe that extraordinarily kind people work in the septic industry. Thank heavens.

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