Blue Grass Invite

Confession…. Mom called Saturday for the first time in three and a half weeks, and I let the call go to voice mail. She called to specifically invite us to the community’s Father’s Day celebration, that day, which included a blue grass band. My parents listened to blue grass music when I was a kid. Flatt and Scruggs regularly filled my childhod home. Being in the middle of 57 things, we really couldn’t attend the event, and decided to call mom back, together, later in the day.

My DH went out on his weekend hunt and gather ((something he does to keep me from becoming agitated in retail establishments (not pretty), while trying to navigate amongst the looky-loos, complainers, and otherwise ill mannered people)). While he was gone, mom called again. With intense guilt, I again let the call go to voicemail. She didn’t leave a message.

In the evening we called mom back, using the speaker on my cell phone. She said the music was great, and agreed with me that the music program at the community was always stellar. We segued the conversation to her dental appointment this coming Friday, and going out to lunch and a stroll afterwards. She was excited at the idea.

I will likely never stop reacting internally, like a kid, even though I know it’s OK to let calls go to voice mail to protect myself from unknown topics of conversation. It doubles down on the guilt when she calls for such pure and selfless reasons. 😟

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