I called one of the Care Managers at mom’s AL community today to check in on an assessment I received the other day. She is being charged ‘care points’ for the cat suddenly. Last I knew, she was cleaning the self-cleaning liter box each morning before staff came to empty her garbage. Crystal shared two things with me.

Mom likes walking around the track next to the community. Yesterday she wandered off the track and toward the 5 lane road that boarders both the community and sporting field. Someone always watches when residents are on the track unaccompanied. That someone sprinted to redirect mom. When the GM asked mom where she was headed, she said she didn’t know. Mom won’t be allowed to walk the track unaccompanied any longer.

Crystal also shared that mom is not as “spicy” as she used to be. I laughed and said, “Are you calling my mom Spicy?” While spicy is a new descriptor, it’s a good one. Evidently mom is still engaged in her activities, but she doesn’t have her purposeful drive the staff is used to.

Bottom line, the opinion is that things are changing, and they (staff) are going to keep an even closer eye on her safety. And Crystal will check in on the cat box situation.

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