I’m surrounded by various levels and intensities of crazy people. By 7AM this morning, in an 18 hour time frame, three people lobbed their ‘crazy’ my way. It was exhausting.

  • Dana texted me saying she had devastating news about a dear friend. I texted back the usual, “So sorry to hear…” She called. A friend of 50 years was found living in squalor with Alzheimer’s. Devastating is an understatement. Like most of my phone conversations with Dana, it started on topic, and then devolved into something akin to “Let me tell you about this item in my full kitchen junk drawer, and now, at lightening speed, let me talk about every single item in the junk drawer.” I simply can’t keep up with her. Her one-sided conversation is like trying to watch a squash game, from inside the court, played with a child’s bouncy ball. And you have to duck repeatedly less the ball hit you.
  • An hour later a friend stopped by. We were supposed to go for a walk, but the weather was too hot for her. She has a host of medical problems to contend with. She too is a one-sided conversationalist. On one hand, she was very up-beat yesterday, on the other, she went kind of sideways a couple of weeks ago over not understanding what two of us were trying to excplain to her (caused by her medical issues), and so I’m feeling a little gun shy. 
  • My FMIL called at 7AM. She fell again. This happened yesterday, but thankfully, not with nearly as dreadful results. We had the same conversation we always do. 
  • I see my mom Friday for a dental appointment.
Late this morning I spent time with my daughter’s Wackadoodle poodle. The dog is good therapy. She’s happy to see you no matter if you throw a ball for her, sit with her, talk to her, or not. She is a very smart animal, but still a simple soul, uncomplicated. Her highest level of drama is getting jealous if one of the cats sits in your lap, or not listening when you try to take something away from her she shouldn’t have. Classic young child stuff. I got that! These humans, love them all, need some chilling and/or enlightenment. 

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