In asking the Activities Director when the next long outing is taking place, I’ve come to learn that mom is becoming irritated during outings, and last week had to return early from an outing she had a hand in developing because she became too angry to stay.

The residents attended a career fair. They were the ones who were interviewed by the kids. Mom drafted questions regarding editing! She was placed next to a retired fire fighter who came with lots of gear to show the children. Lots of the gear made noise, which made the kids laugh and shriek. Mom was having none of it, and had to leave.

I’m going to toss the theory out there that when mom is out of her normal surroundings (an outing), her anxiety goes up causing her anger to pop out. Her behavior isn’t her fault. I feel bad for everyone. The kids now have an example of a elderly person’s behavior they very likely don’t understand. The fire fighter could have had any number of reactions. I’m hoping compassion is high on the probability list. Community staff had to make an unintended trip (yes, I know this is their job). Mom was distressed, and, I worry, is at risk of increased isolation if she is perceived as difficult by her peers in the community.

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