Scope Creep

Not only am I currently managing projects at both of my mom’s properties, but ours as well, because why not add to the fun… We are in the middle of painting our large and rambling contemporary home. The only exterior paint the structure has seen since our purchasing it (over 18 years ago) are areas I could reach, or bits of new window trim that I terrifyingly applied from the top of a very extended extension ladder. I am willing to scurry up and down ladders to get from here to there, but hanging out 20’ above the ground with paint and brush in hand while the ladder bows gently as I move, is not my idea of a good time. So we finally sucked it up and hired a professional painter. Adulting 101.

The first step was to pressure wash the house. This, of course. revealed 4 rotten bits. Easy fixes. The fourth fix involved replacing facia made of LP siding. Once that came off the house, below our second story deck, which is also the roof to our first story studio, it was revealed the sheathing for that roof, at least at its edge, is rotten, as well as some areas behind the gutters, which were also taken off that part of the house to get to the LP siding facia.

I am holding this discovery in its own box in my psyche. Were I to let it invade my otherwise integrated emotional life, I think it would render me a useless puddle. You see, the deck itself needs replacing, the frame that it sits atop, the torch down roof, and the sheathing for the roof. Once all that comes off, what else? And we LIVE on that deck. It’s a well furnished exterior room. I know in order to save money, we will do the clearing (of a smoker, BBQ, table, 2-side tables, 6 chairs, at least a dozen planted and irrigated containers, one being a horse trough, umbrella, tiki torches, weather station, outdoor rugs ~ to hid the really bad part of the decking ~ and, decor), and the demo, and the dump runs. Deep breath. Get back in the box! 😳

Meanwhile the painting continues. The house is starting to look utterly transformed, and they’re not half done yet.

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