Scope Creep 1.4

The deck is off the roof. This was no small undertaking:

  • Remove everything from the deck. 
  • Remove glass railing system over two days.
  • Unscrew every deck board possible. Toss off roof. Attempt to pry one nailed board up, and reconsider our strategy. 
  • Whip out skill saw and cut decking between each stringer. The stringers are the decking’s support system and sit on, but are not attached to the flat roof.
  • Toss more or less kindling-sized decking off roof.
  • Cut stringers in two, and set aside.
  • Shovel 20+ years of rather wonderful compost out from newly exposed strip of roof, and toss it off roof onto tarp.
  • Repeat the last four steps 12 times.
  • Cut up longer deck boards into burnable lengths, put away along with shorter pieces. And because we don’t know how to keep our projects from getting away from us, move firewood into our wood tent, as we put the cut up lumber away. You know, so it’s interspersed.
  • Toss stringers off deck. Load into truck. Take to dump, where they get tossed again. (Almost 900#, moved five times…)
  • Spread compost in garden.
  • Take Advil.
The roofing starts on Thursday, and painting continues today. There is another cart of compost to spread, and another 2.5 cords of firewood to move. But probably not today.

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