My Mother’s Constitutionally Protected Rights

I came across an article today (link below) about the preponderance of people over the age of 65 with some amount of mental decline, and guns in their homes. All of the imaginable statistics, sliced and diced, are included in this article.

Come to find out, the neurologist who first diagnosed mom with Alzheimer’s, instructed me to strip mom of one of her constitutional rights, “Get the guns out of the house!” The Alzhiemer’s Association suggests the same. At the time I did not think of  removing the guns as actually breaking federal law, which this article does a good job of convincing me I did. It seemed prudent advice from the neurologist. As a matter of fact, a year earlier I removed a pistol sitting on a shelf, along with its ammo, during a run to the Island while my father lay in the hospital for his final month. In that moment the only thought in my head was the Island house was not being lived in, and what if it was broken into, and the gun stolen, and a crime committed….

In the article a (cover your ears) fuckwad of a doc tries to convince the interviewer that families have no right to deprive dementia patients of their firearms. I am a cautious, politically liberal, gun owner. Background checks (criminal and mental health) should be required for every sale, public and private. Safety training should be mandatory. No one needs militaristic semi-automatic weapons. They should be banned. If I get ditzy, take my weapons from their safes, and get them out of my house. Meanwhile, if you need help removing your loved-one’s weapons from their home, ping me. I’ve done it to protect my mother, would do it again in a heartbeat. Fuck the 2nd amendment.

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