Furniture Move Baby Steps…

I’ve reserved what we call the Y’all truck for the move. Careful and scaled drawings have convinced me a 10’ truck will suffice. It’ll be snug, but better that than too capacious a vehicle with items swimming around incurring damage.

I’ve surveyed and shifted the storage unit in order to help make getting in and out of it as fast as possible.

I’ll book passage on the ferry tomorrow, then email the community’s facility guy, and the movers, who will help us speed-move the furniture in, with an arrival time.

My sainted DH is going to provide the distraction we need to make this happen. He’ll take our mamas on an outing far enough away that should my mom suddenly sour on the expedition, they’ll be far enough away that I’ll have time to button things up before their return. Now I have to figure out what the expedition is… It’ll involved sushi for sure.

The terror surrounding this final step of settling mom into AL is what’s been slowing me down regarding taking/making all the plans at once. Knowing what the hangup is is more than half the battle. It reminds me of college chemistry. Reactions, we were taught, must have Activation Energy input before they can take off. I’m through the activation energy phase. Bring on the anxiety!

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