Quick Trip

I’m heading to the Island for an overnight early Wednesday morning.

The finish carpenter on the Island is extremely busy. My list for him has three items on it, only one of which I think might be a show stopper in terms of leasing out the house. That would be inventing doors for the cabinet under the kitchen sink. While some in my tribe do not understand why I haven’t leased the house by now, it’s things like being able to baby-proof just one cabinet in a kitchen that feels ethically important, not to mention mitigating potential liability issues…

The contractor who is replacing the deck is able to take on installing the mantle, thereby taking an item off the finish carpenter’s list. The mantle is a piece of Brazilian cherry. It’s beautiful, weighs over 200 pounds, and discussing its installation is not phone conversation fodder.

This quick trip will allow me to take everything from mainland storage to the Island, that we’ve identified can safely live in the upper barn, which will greatly simplify the August furniture move to mom’s apartment.

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