July 2018 Island Trip – Day 1

Yesterday was a wee flurry of getting little things done. I:

  • Unloaded the truck into the upper barn
  • Learned that my sushi date with the neighbor was off as her daughter needed help with the kids.
  • Consulted with the deck builder about
    • The deck.
    • The mantle
    • The trim between the cabinet and windows at the entry.
  • Packed everything left to pack, save what’s needed to stay here comfortably, and sorted the boxes based on destination.
  • Took another load of furniture from the house to the upper barn.
  • Started painting the trim around the interior doors.
  • Went to the bank to get cash for the deck lumber (the Amazing neighbor milled it!), and to close out mom’s safety deposit box, which contained my parents birth certificates and my dad’s honorable discharge from the army.
  • Obtained sushi take-out.
  • Returned to the house and inhaled said take-out.
  • Showered (it’s stinking hot here).
  • Walked down to the neighbor to visit while her grand kiddos watched a video.
  • Returned to chat and play electronic backgammon with my DH.
  • Bustled around until after midnight (somethings will never change), and
  • Slept like a rock.

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