Precious Potting Soil

!Rant Warning!
Plant transport went well until I made the right turn into my subdivision. It was then that the jade plant pitched forward and spit out its brick. Yes, its brick. The plant’s seatbelt was still on (I can’t believe I’m writing this), but the pot was at a precarious angle, and its brick was on the floor of the truck. Upon arriving at home I put the plant’s stands in the atrium and then opened the back of the truck to survey the damage. Fortunately, a scattering of fleshy jade plant leaves aside, the plant was intact. However, its brick (yes, it has it’s own f-ing brick!) and lack of potting soil, which plants need enough of as we’re asking them to grow healthily in a unnaturally limited about of space that lacks any nutrients unless we fertilize them, kept the plant from actually rooting into it’s 8-cups of soil (which by now you’ve figure out isn’t nearly enough ~ this is a seriously large plant). There is a rock in one of the other plants. All of this will be mitigated when I transplant them.
So, what is it about potting soil? The best soil you can buy doesn’t cost that much! And mom could afford it. Houseplants aside, she’d fill outdoor containers half-full of soil, because why? So you have to peer into the pot to see the alyssum, rather than have it spill riotously over the edge? And then reaching back to last year when I potted up all the cutting sitting in stinky water… Ugh! I shouldn’t be angry at my mother because she was stingy with potting soil, and thought rocks and bricks were good substitutes. But it sure has pushed a big button!

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