In Other News…

Me and my mom’s dearest and oldest friend from college days had planned on seeing mom tomorrow. This has been in the wings for months. Unfortunately, he’s unable to make tomorrow, and we’re hoping for a visit toward the end of August before his return to Europe.

We had planned to tell mom about the visit today, and in fact last week I told her I’d see her on Friday of this week, but nothing about her friend being there too. While I never thought the visit would be postponed, the fact that it has is yet another good reason to have kept the news from her until the last minute. She’d have been devastated to have the visit fall through, had she known about it. And the first reason being that she’d have cycled on the upcoming visit making phone calls to at least four of us I can think of dozens and dozens of times.

Mom called me today to ask for the title of the Folk Singers’ Word Book. A publication our tribe, including her best friend, used for decades. An entertainer at the community sings folk music, and mom wanted to tell him about the book, but she couldn’t recall the title. We had a short, upbeat chat. She asked if I’d brought her bookcase and books back to the Island. I did that 6-plus months before she landed in the hospital after her second accident in January 2017. She didn’t recall that I said I’d stop in tomorrow. Given that we’re trying to head out of town on Saturday, I’m not going to stop in tomorrow.

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